Dear Supporters, Tonight, Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) made it official: “In the morning, no CTU members will be inside our schools.” This is the first time in 25 years that Chicago teachers are going on strike. There are many ways to support the CTU as they go forward with this strike.Your […]

The decline of unionization has contributed to the rise of economic inequality in the U.S. over the past several decades. More than that, it also signals a historic de-democratization of the institutions that traditionally served to hold corporations accountable and govern our working life, from the scope of collective bargaining on the job to the […]

THE BATTLE has begun in Chicago, and the future of public schools and the labor movement–in this city and around the country–is at stake. On picket lines and at protests in every part of the city, teachers, parents, students and more are raising their voices in defiance against Mayor Rahm Emanuel, his handpicked school board […]

Erica Clark, founder of the group Parents for Teachers, says it’s not only about a raise for teachers. “It’s about so much more, because the teachers are fighting for things that really matter in our schools. They want smaller classes. Parents here will tell you—35, 40 kids in a class! That’s just unacceptable. But you […]

(via Diane Ravitch) Press Statement on Chicago Teachers Strike Dr Mark Naison, Fordham University The Chicago Teachers strike is an incredibly important development because it is a the first time a union local has threatened to strike against education policies pushed by the Obama Administration through its Race to the Top initiative, policies, in my […]

“As the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) sets September 10 as the day it will begin its strike, another group of Chicago teachers say they are being unfairly pressured into signing a weak contract, which they argue will make them pawns in the propaganda game against the CTU. A group of more than 1,000 full-time professors […]

From the Chicago Teachers Union report “The Schools Chicago’s Students Deserve”: Recognize That Class Size Matters: Drastically reduce class size. We currently have one of the largest class sizes in the state. This greatly inhibits the ability of our students to learn and thrive. Educate The Whole Child: Invest to ensure that all schools have […]